Resource Integration For Sustainable Employment (RISE)

RISE is an innovative Technology & Field based program designed by XecuteLAB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to deliver a unique solution for vocational training and employment with the creation of an ecosystem at the grass root level which marries into the broad objectives of the government on State Skill Mission and SKILL INDIA mission. An approach which will eventually guarantee the right person at the right job. It is the only platform which can effectively do mobilization and monitoring thus relieving Skill Training Providers to rightfully focus on their core competence i.e.: Training & Placement.



Monitoring the trainees / employees is a key and critical element in the RISE process. We will provide a software tool to each training partner and employee who participates in RISE program. This will allow them to update the required information about the trainee / employee in a timely and easy manner.


Mobilization is the fundamental step in the Vocational Education & Training process. Mobilization starts with creating the ground connect i.e. meeting the key stakeholders at a village level, spreading awareness about the benefits of Vocational Training and the Career path available to them thereafter.

Rural Employment Exchange

XecuteLAB Techonologies offers employment as well as employability services through the IT enabled employment exchange. The Employment Exchange as the name reflects caters to providing employment services and enhancing employment opportunities for youth.